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How To Complete Tasks Even If You Are Unmotivated

Have you got tasks to do but are unmotivated to do them? Then this article will change your life. It is packed full of strategies to help you.

By the end of this article you will have strategies you can use to complete the tasks and projects you have been putting off. And who knows, you may even find the tasks are not as bad as you thought. Does folding washing while you watch your favourite TV series sound as bad as folding washing?

Take Action Without Motivation
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What Causes Laziness And Lack Of Motivation?

Laziness and lack of motivation can happen for multiple reasons. A common reason for a feeling unmotivated is a lack of direction.

If you do not have a plan or vision for where you want to go and what you want to achieve in life, you could lack motivation to do the work because you have nothing to strive for. Make sure that what you want is yours and not someone else’s vision. Seeing that beach view on Instagram may make you think you really want it but if you love mountain hikes and drives, maybe a mountain view would be better. You need to get in touch with what you want and not what other peoples visions are. To create a vision board, read my article.

Also, unrealistic goals can demotivate you. If a goal feels too complicated, you may be at a loss on how to start working towards it. This can lead to disappointment in yourself if you do not achieve your goal.

Laziness is not the same as depression. When you are feeling lazy, you may not want to do the work even if you have the energy to do it. However, depression is different. If it is depression, you may want to do the work but feel like you cannot and that you do not have the energy to do it.

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How Do You Get Motivated To Complete Your Tasks?

There are numerous strategies that you can use to motivate yourself to complete your tasks. Here are 9 methods you can use when you next feel unmotivated to complete your tasks.

Try The 2 Minute Rule

If a task takes 2 minutes to complete, do it. And if you cannot face a task or you have put a task off for weeks, try setting a timer for 2 minutes and working on the task. You may find that after the 2 minutes you want to continue or you may want to do another 2 minutes on the task at a later time. The important thing is to start working on the task.

Listen To Music

Try playing your favourite music in the background while you are working. Upbeat songs can help you enjoy a task better if you have been putting off a task because it is boring. Instrumental music is fantastic when you want to focus intensely. For tasks where you need energy, country, pop or rock music may suit you better.

Watch Something Fun In The Background

Try watching something fun in the background. You could watch a YouTube video, TED Talk, TV show or movie. This is perfect for tasks that do not require masses of concentration. Or tasks that you put off because they are boring and tedious. For example, scheduling your posts and social media and tidying up. If you do not enjoy folding washing, could you make it a habit to do it while you watch your favourite TV series?

Set A Timer

Use a timer for your task. A timer can give you a deadline for finishing tasks even if you are unmotivated. Moosti is excellent for laptops because you have the default Pomodoro times and you can alter the times to suit how long you want to focus. On iOS try Flat Tomato and on Android Focus To-Do. Using timers also reminds you to take a break after you have finished.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself for completing a task is also a strategy you can use to feel motivated to complete your tasks. Rewards can be a variety of things: an episode of your favourite TV series, new makeup, new music, favourite drink, favourite meal, scroll through social media, exercise. It is important to choose rewards that will motivate you, so choose an activity that you would prefer to do instead of the task and make that the reward.

Give Tasks Consequences 

The opposite to rewards, consequences can be helpful to motivate you. These do not have to be physical consequences, they can be the negative effects of not completing the task. For example, if you do not write a blog post, would you lose traffic, have less customers, and not share your knowledge which might support your readers? You can use physical consequences, like if you do not write your newsletter, you cannot go out for coffee.

Start Working On Smaller Tasks

List out all the tasks you have to complete. Then look over the list. Are any tasks easier than the others? Or are there tasks that can be completed in a matter of minutes? If so, start on these tasks. Once you have completed the smaller tasks, you will have the momentum to complete the larger, more difficult tasks.

Have An Accountability Buddy

Having an in-person or online accountability buddy can help tremendously. They can hold you accountable for your goals and tasks and you can do the same for them. Another method is to work in an area where other people are. When others are working or can see you working, you may be more inclined to do the work. Can you join a co-working space? Or can you work in a coffee shop or other public place?

Break Big Projects And Tasks Into Smaller Chunks

Sometimes the reason you are unmotivated to complete a project is because you do not know where to start. This is where it is important to break your big projects into smaller tasks. For example, if you want to read a book in a week, try breaking it down into 20 minute blocks of time.

Complete Tasks Without Motivation
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In Summary

In summary, you can become unmotivated if you do not have a vision for where you want to go. Also, unrealistic goals can cause a lack of motivation because you feel overwhelmed and do not know how to start. To complete your tasks even if you feel unmotivated, you can work on your task for 2 minutes, have rewards and consequences plus accountability. And to make the task more manageable, you can break it down into smaller tasks and use a timer. Watching something in the background can help you with boring tasks as can listening to upbeat music.

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9 Ways To Take Action When Unmotivated
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